Summer is a dystopian future engulfed by extreme temperatures and oppressive atmospheres. It is concerned with global warming and its related effects. As we enter into uncertain times for our survival, apathy has no place, yet it is ever present in the greater community. Commissioned by City Contemporary Dance Company Hong Kong Summer is a dance work for 13 dancers exploring unpredictable weather patterns and changes, melting and wilting bodies, breath and air, and the individual amongst the masses. 

Choreography: Kristina Chan & dancers of CCDC

Design: Cindy HO Pui-shan

Lighting Design: Lawmanray

Music: James Brown

Dancers: The dancers of City Contemporary Dance Company (Hong Kong)

This work was a part of a triple bill co-production between CCDC and Expressions Dance Company (Brisbane) performed at Ko Shan Theatre Hong Kong, QPAC Brisbane, Darwin Entertainment Centre & Beijing Dance Festival 2018.