MOUNTAIN sees three performers move through gradual processes of change, in a choreography of impermanence, transformation and existential threat. Exploring spacial and temporal liminality through dance, sound, light and visual design MOUNTAIN is a future ritual in reverence for what no longer exists.

Working closely with collaborators James Brown (Sound), Clare Britton (Design) and Matt Marshall (Lighting) to create an environment for the dance to exist within, Chan and her team work with ideas of invisible landscapes and unseen forces, creating palpable work that is strong in imagery and delicate in sensitivity. 

 Commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre MOUNTAIN premiered in April 2018. 

With A Faint Existence in 2016 and now Mountain, Kristina Chan has stamped herself as an exceptionally thoughtful choreographer.
— Jill Sykes - Sydney Morning Herald
This is a work filled with imagery that lodges in your subconscious, triggering visual and experiential associations
— GERALDINE HIGGINSON - Dance Australia Magazine
Chan was steadfast in the execution of her vision
— Vicki Van Hout - FORM Dance Projects BLOG

Choreographer: Kristina Chan w/ Marnie Palomares and Melanie Palomares

Performers: Kristina Chan, Marnie Palomares and Melanie Palomares

Composer: James Brown

Designer: Clare Britton

Lighting: Matthew Marshall

Dramaturge: Victoria Hunt

Producer: Fenn Gordon for Tandem

Commissioned and presented by Campbelltown Arts Centre

Photos: Joshua Morris