Conform was commissioned by Sydney Dance Company for their annual New Breed Season in 2015. In collaboration with the cast of eight male company dancers, the Conform looks at social and physical pressures put on men today. 

Conform is beautifully structured, vibrates with repressed emotion and has a very strong, pulsating and often ominous score by James Brown. This one is a keeper.
— Deborah Jones - The Australian
Conform is one of the most powerful dance works of the year, lingering in the mind long after the performance has ended.
— Dancelines


Choreography and Direction: Kristina Chan with the Cast of Sydney Dance Company

Composer: James Brown

Lighting: Matthew Marshall

Costume: Aleisa Jelbart

Company: Sydney Dance Company

Cast: Richard Cilli, Bernhard Knauer, Todd Sutherland, David Mack, Cass Mortimer Eipper, Sam Young-Wright, Daniel Shaun Roberts and Petros Treklis

Photos and Video Documentation: Pedro Grieg