BRIGHTNESS - in development

BRIGHTNESS is the final in a trilogy of work following A Faint Existence and MOUNTAIN, examining environmental change & our relationship to nature through impermanence, fragility & mortality.

BRIGHTNESS looks at new possibilities, our potential for transformation & new growth. It examines the micro-world of complex systems in our natural environment, travelling deep into the sub-terrain. Exploring life-cycles, it particularly marks the stage of transformation between the death of the known & rebirth of the unknown.


  • Designers Donna Sgro & Clare Britton. BRIGHTNESS merges the choreographed body with textiles to create visual & spacial outcomes that speak to environmental change & our corporeal relationship to landscape.

  • Composer James Brown will write a new immersive sound score imbuing environmental sensitivity.

  • Lighting designer Fausto Brusamolino will develop a conceptual design evoking a palpable atmosphere of new beginnings inspired by natural vs unnatural & surreal light.

  • Dancers Tiana Lung, Jasmin Luna & Viola Iida


Development 1 - July 2018 complete

Research (fabric & body) Critical Path residency - July/August 2019 confirmed

Development 2 - October 2019 TBC

Development 3 & Presentation - 2020 TBC

Producer: Fenn Gordon at Tandem